Carolina Cottage

We moved to North Carolina in the spring and discovered our “little cottage in the woods.”

We did a lot of house hunting before we found our gold mine. It’s a classic cape cod style home in our perfect neighborhood, a bajillion trees on a half acre (ok seriously I stopped counting at 70…), and absolutely no decorative updates since 1979. What more could a creative pair of do it yourselfers ask for?

Our first home!

Without knowing how long we’ll live in North Carolina before the army moves us again, buying a home was definitely an adventurous choice. We plan to keep our carolina home (and rent it out if/when necessary) for as long as possible, but we have a shorter timeline than most for DIY projects and updates, so we tackled it with that much more enthusiasm!  Step one: Facelift.

A fresh coat of grey paint for the house and black paint for the shutters

Step 1: Facelift. Check out that brass lamp too…whoah.

It’s amazing how much of a transformation a fresh coat of grey paint can make.  The seller had it painted for us, and even let us choose the shutter color.  Not exactly a DIY project, but trust me, there are plenty more to come.


All dressed up with new paint and surprise azalea bushes

We’ve done SO many projects to update and design our first real home together and learned so very much along the way.  I can’t wait to share it with you!


Southern + Sicilian?

“are you calling me unsophisticated…?”
A little blend of our heritage, Michael and I (mostly Michael with the deep fryer tonight) made flaky fried Chicken Parmesan with Italian style tomatoes and fried okra- my favorite!

The potatoes are inspired by his adorable Sicilian grandmother’s fried potato slices with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and (our version) whatever Italian seasonings fall out of the cabinet first.

In spite of my recent health kick, fried food hit the spot perfectly tonight.

All things Texas Auction


Interesting day at Burley’s auction in New Braunfels.
I’m realizing how hilariously little I know about guns. It shoots? Great! $3000? Why?
Oh wait, sorry for the fuzzy picture, but this pistol “shipped to Charles Goodnight in 1881” went for $26,000…?!
I clearly don’t get this.
Very cool taxidermy and old bookcases though!