I’m a travel aficionado, healthy living enthusiast, avid reader and voilist…

I nerd out when it comes to art history, International relations or philosophy and studied those subjects around the world.  There’s so much life to live and taste and experience, and the variety in every culture…oh how sweet it is!

By backpacking Europe and traveling through Southeast Asia both in comfort and on a shoestring I learned that life is an experience we each create for ourselves, a daily choice to enjoy or resent, to relish or struggle.

This is what it means to me to live a full, rich life.  To choose love and joy and fulfillment. So join me on the journey, will you?


My partner in crime, other half, and fellow adventurer is taking a turn leading me on a journey in Army life. As spontaneous a lifestyle as I have led, I am still learning to be flexible enough to go where the Army sends us (when the Army sends us) and balance a full civilian life with the demands of my husband’s chosen profession.

*I currently write about our Army life at Pearls for Tags*




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