Some Happy Things

Fall!  In Georgia! It is real, have you heard?
The weather gets brisk and leaves change colors!  Like, not green to brown, but real colors in between! Small revelation, but hey, that never really happened back in Texas.

Getting to wear leggings every day of the week.
yeah! (this is my dressed up version with real shoes, not moccasins) one of the only benefits of not working ’till we move and Michael not being home to tell me to put on clothes. (miss him)

Brussel Sprouts (Want to get a thousand “Are you Craazy??” looks?
Shop at the Commissary right before Thanksgiving at lunch time carrying one of these.
Delicious Thanksgiving food! This recipe for Cranberry Orange Almond Bread is beyond delicious.  I brought a loaf of that bread and a punkin’ pie to Thanksgiving dinner with my landlord’s family.  They were soo very sweet and invited me out to their place in Alabama. Their very large family was super welcoming and their Thanksgiving spread was delightfully southern. Deep fried turkey, lima beans, collard greens, 4 kinds of stuffing and macaroni casseroles and oh dear lord…  (Wish I could have non-awkwardly snagged a photo…) Except for this one when I drove up!

Guess I cut out the 10+ cars parked along the driveway! What an awesome family.  I learned that if I’m going to survive in the South I SERIOUSLY need to catch up on Football.  And know the difference between Auburn and “Bama” and for God’s sake never wear the color orange. (Georgia?)

We live literally about a mile from Alabama.  And get there by crossing the good ole Chattahoochee River. For real! It’s usually a great view (esp. of the red fall leaves!) but this is the best I could do with my snapshot out the passenger window while driving skills.

I joined in the Black Friday madness, but late enough that I thought it might be calm…HA!
So instead of crazy awesome doorbusters I just bought happy things like candles and pillows! SO many pillows!

After living out of a carry-on suitcase for 6 weeks the TINY closet Michael and I share suddenly seemed so big! And full! Time for a clean out.

The cleaning frenzy quickly spread.
I put together a few of our more unique decorative pieces by the front door. (Yes, that is a jackalope…we ❤ Texas.) This little arrangement, especially with Michael’s giant axe like weapon thing by the front door (you can see the handle on the left) should easily be able to scare off intruders.

On the same note, my little Christmas tree had no home! I only got it out a few days before Thanksgiving this year…I’m so excited for Christmas! I’ve equated all the anticipation and excitement of holiday festivities with Michael’s homecoming.

So here, it found a home! And the first present is wrapped & under the tree and I should hear from Michael this Sunday (if he’s coming home next week!!) and all is well in the world!


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