Ohhh the joys of unpacking

Can you believe our wonderful packers & movers used THIS MUCH packing paper?  ……




Oh wait, there’s more….


I got lost!


Fun stuff.  This is prime for the making of a Texas snowball fight.  I guess that was something silly they taught us in gradeschool PE with clumps of newspapers, but it stuck.



But we sure are enjoying the return of our kitchen and yummy lunches.

I made Spaghetti Carbonara for the first time (mine with fresh swiss chard from the farmer’s market)


I found the awesome recipe (modified to fit our semi-empty pantry!) here.  Somehow I was not aware that the process of making spaghetti carbonara involves swirling just-drained pasta in raw egg, pepper, and cheese while the egg cooks from the heat of the pasta.  Cool.  It works!


New home!

Hooray! We found a home!
We moved to Georgia for Michael’s infantry officer training (IBOLC) and other fun schools like airborne and ranger school. Infantry officers in particular spend so much time in training that the army permanently moves them and their spouse (PCS) before they go to their actual duty station.

So, this is temporary, but still home!


We found a duplex near the lake bottom area/parks. More pictures of that to come.


Unpacking is a feat. Ridiculous. We had the luxury of professional packers and movers but they pretty much killed a forest to move our goods! This much paper is from ONE box!


I think we’re going to move ourselves next time so we don’t have to ridiculously protect things from brutal movers (michael’s tv and various furniture that wasn’t wrapped to oblivion died in the process…)
But we are making this time in Georgia as fun and fulfilling as humanly possible! And cherishing every bit of time we get together.



Moving (through) New Orleans

We have had SO much fun moving. Really, the outlook of a military paid road trip transformed our 26 hours of driving from crazy close confinement to a gypsy wagon adventure…kinda…

We drove through the swamps of Louisiana,

Saw a LIVE TIGER!! At the tiger truck stop. (the tiger was sleeping, sorry, we tried to provoke him…)

And Michael demolished what the travel channel claims is the “world’s best fried chicken” at Willie May’s in New Orleans





Michael grew up in Chalmette, which is just east of the heart of the city and a lot closer to “real” New Orleans than he remembered as a kid! We visited his childhood home, in a neighborhood speckled with empty plots of grass where houses once stood. It’s funny how our memory reconciles with reality years later from a different perspective.

As a kid, Michael and his brother used to ride bikes to the Chalmette battlefield, ride up to the gigantic plantation home and admire its grandeur!! No wonder he’s always wanted a home with huge huge columns. We’ll see 🙂

Other great New Orleans experiences:
Bourbon street, beignets and chicory coffee at Cafe du Monde, a super quick tour of Harrah’s Casino (in which Michael made $21 at roulette) and a surprise jazz concert in the park next to our hotel!