honeymoon in rome

just a few random favorite snapshots of our beautiful adventure!

We ventured out of the city to the Borghese gallery. It’s AMAZING!  I didn’t visit on my previous trip to Italy (backpacking) because of the moderate entry and reservation fee.  Not to mention, making online reservations from an iphone while backpacking? forget it.  But I’m soo glad Michael researched the Borghese and put it #1 on our list.

The 17th century villa once housed the personal collections of the Borghese family, featuring many works by Caravaggio, Titian, Raphael, and Rubens, but much of the collection was sold to Napoleon in 1808 (and thus ended up in the Louvre).  We unwittingly stumbled upon the most amazing exhibit…the Borghese collection from the Louvre was on loan to be placed in its original home!  This may not seem incredibly special, but every room of the Villa was designed around key sculptures and paintings, with elaborate paintings on the ceiling to echo the theme.  So….if you’re going to Rome in the near future, go see it!  If not…hop on a plane, go to Italy and see it right now!

Oh so this picture is of me trying to find the place. (therefore relevant…)

The two middle images are of a glimpse of the Capitoline museum and the beautiful sculptures that fill its rooms…busts lined the walls of the blue room, which were grouped according to the emperors they were said to depict.  The variation in features of what was supposedly the same Roman emperor was amusing, but gives a great deal of credit to the artistic license granted to artists who sculpted many of their subjects centuries later.

This is from the Galeria Corsini – tucked away and nestled between elegant government buildings.  I wish we could’ve taken photos inside! Ah it was stunning.  But the building it’s housed in?  Creepy but fascinating.  We explored its vacant corridors up to the fourth floor before a man appeared out of a hidden stairway and told us to get lost.  eeeek!  so fun. Before he caught us I snapped this: