Integrity: to live a well integrated life.

to be honestly the same person from each day and hour to the next.

to live out a solid set of values regardless of social circumstance, context, or mood.

even if those values are flawed, to own up to who I am, not just how I want to be perceived, or what I think people will accept. 

I owe it to myself and to my friends to at least strive to be a consistent person, honest about who I am and who I want to be.  

Just a lovely thought for Monday!



Spending this summer in my quiet little Texas hill-country hometown was such a HUGE contrast to the chaotic, fast-paced life of travel and exploration I enjoyed in Europe.  Honestly, I came back exhausted (both physically and mentally) and had a long list of supposedly “boring” activities I longed for – like laying in my backyard hammock for hours on end soaking up Vitamin D….

ahh….as intentional about doing nothing as I may have been, I got a rather strange job involving copious amounts of peaches and raspberry chipotle sauce.

I documented bits and pieces of my summer here (check it out!) and now I return to dreams of rambling and roaming, wandering through cobblestone streets and absorbing foreign smells, tastes, and sights.  But I’m back at school…studying International Relations!

I couldn’t be happier with my major right now.