2nd home…

I’m back in Texas! Home sweet home.

I so comfortably refer to Maastricht as “home” that in my jet-lagged delirium my stories are filled with home here there and everywhere.

By the grace of God, my scheduled flight out of Amsterdam was the first Continental flight to leave since Iceland’s volcano erupted over a week ago. All of us Baylor students who made it back to Maastricht in time (-6 students stranded in Portugal and our director in Santorini! …i’m jealous) made it on the plane, to Houston.  Then i had a lovely 5 hour drive…yeah, riding in a car(SUV!), back to Fredericksburg, so 25 hours traveling total, all on Thursday!

I went to HEB this morning with my Mom, and I’m definitely experiencing a bit of reverse culture shock.  About half way through the grocery store I was totally overwhelmed and ready to go home.  I feel like I was in Europe for at least a year, not just three months!  They say it takes two weeks to form a habit, so I feel like I was completely acclimated to day-to-day life in Europe.  Random little things literally shocked me here, like strangers stepping out of the way and saying hi in the grocery store (personal space? you speak my language?) and the clerk smiling and bagging my groceries for me…in free bags!  Oh, and my go-to dorm specialty of tomato/fresh mozzarella/pesto sandwiches aren’t crazy cheap here, but I found pesto!  So all is well.

It’s so very wonderful to spend time with my family, and even though I begged and pleaded to get left in Europe with our wayfaring students stuck in Portugal, I really do appreciate the refreshment of some time in slow-paced Fredericksburg.  I already got a job (or two..or three) here for the summer, so hopefully I’ll have time to post some pictures on here and document some of the great experiences I had in Europe.

I just uploaded my full memory cards onto my computer…and I’ve gotta say, they’re pretty great!  I can’t wait to share the sights, the smells, the tastes, and the crazy stories from my travels.