Just a quick update…
It’s mid-March, still freezing outside, and I’m already taking finals! Needless to say, life’s been pretty hectic here. I stayed in town this weekend to actually get to see a bit of Maastricht, rest, and recuperate.

I went to the Friday morning market, and it was not at all what I expected!  I had heard that this was a farmer’s market, but the entire square was filled with vendors selling mostly clothes and fabric along with some household items, and a tad bit of produce.  I found buttons!  Lots of unique metal buttons to sew onto cardigans or whatever else I think up.  We also got some fresh bread and fruit.

Ok, but for real I have no time to post so I’ll add pictures later!

I got to go the TEFAF yesterday evening, which was fantastic!  I definitely did not have enough time, but it was the only time I could go this week….aaah!

But this week is a perfect example of life here in Maastricht.  Monday I had International Relations and Philosophy, dinner, and a little bit of time with friends.  Tuesday morning has become my happy place.  I wake up for breakfast at 7:30…or 8:10 right before the cafeteria closes at 8:15, get some coffee, granola, and yogurt (occasionally a ham and cheese sandwich…because that’s breakfast food here) come back to my room, tidy up, do yoga, catch up on reading for class and I don’t have class until 1:30 in the afternoon!  I wish I had this schedule back at Baylor.

After class (2hrs and a mental nap later) I got dressed up to go to The European Fine Arts Fair – a world-renowned event held in our very own little Maastricht.  Most people are going this weekend when I’m traveling so my friend Mitch and I took a bus half an hour across town, eventually found the event and scrambled to see everything and slip in an extra credit project.  We missed dinner so we had to stop at our trusty Nora’s on the way back.  In the dorm we order food from Nora’s when there’s nothing else to be found in the whole building, so it’s nice to finally know where our mystery food comes from.

Wednesday: killer day!  I should be in class right now, but because I have a final in a couple hours, we only have class for 2 hours, not 4.  So I usually have class from 11-5:30, dinner at 5:30 and a little time in the evening to prepare for travel.

Thursday: no class! woohoo! Since I’m taking Russian independent study I don’t have a Thursday class and should spend this time on…Russian!  Maybe it’ll happen this Thursday on a train.

This weekend nearly all of my friends are going to Las Fallas, a fire festival in Valencia, Spain.  While I’m a true pyro at heart and this sounds like a great idea…I have more sightseeing I want to do, so I’m taking a solo trip to Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmo, Sweden! (w/maybe an overnight stop in Hamburg, Germany)

12 hours on a train sounds like plenty of time to write an essay or two, catch up on Russian, and plan sightseeing when I get there, right?

Back to studying!